Christmas is coming

Sunday, 06 December 2015 by

Miracle time is coming. Make Christmas for your kids unforgettable.

It’s group story time!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 by
story cubes by maccymacx

Children are eager to listen to fairy tales from parents. But how about involving kids by having them create a new story themselves? We guarantee it will be more interesting and entertaining. The guys from The Creativity Hub invented Rory’s Story Cubes. It’s very simple. The game consists of a set of cubes with images on their sides. These cubes are magic activators for your imagination. 9 cubes, 54 images create more than 10 billion combinations. It’s truly an infinite source of inspiration. Let’s get started.

The rules are easy. A player throws the cubes and then has to narrate a coherent story which links all of the pictures. There are no winners or losers here, just a lot of fun from stories and fantasy. The Story Cubes kick off your imagination regardless of age. For kids it’s brilliant training and development for language skills like storytelling, expanding vocabulary, speaking skill. For adults it’s just a good chance to rouse your mind with fantasy and have social fun.

Photo by maccymacx

In any obscure situation - just draw

There is a physiological method that recommends “putting your feelings on a paper.” It works for both for adults and kids.
Just take a pencil or crayons and draw. In any obscure situation – just draw.
Feel exhausted – draw flowers
Angry – draw lines
Feeling pain – sculpt
Feel bored – paint the paper with different colors
Touched by sadness – draw a rainbow
Feeling scared – braid macrame lace
Anxious – make a doll
Feeling rebellious (outraged) – tear paper to tatters
Feel worried – fold origami
Stressed out – draw patterns
Concentrating on remember something – draw a maze
Disappointed – make a copy of any picture
Despair – draw roads
Need to comprehend – draw a mandala
Want to recharge the batteries – picture landscape
Want to understand your emotions and feelings – draw a self portrait
Want to sort out your thoughts – draw hexagonal cells and squares
Want to sort out your feelings and wishes – make a collage
Want to concentrate on a goal – draw a net and a tee
Feel stuck and need to move forward – draw spirals

Waboba is the best toy for any season

Wednesday, 18 November 2015 by
Are you feeling the chill of winter? It’s time to warm up yourself with Waboba Ball. Waboba is the perfect solution for outdoor activities or court games, and ideal for teams!
Non-expensive, eye-catching, original and high bouncing – it’s everything you need for a fun game or  crazy tricks to to tell your friends about.
It makes a fantastic present for Christmas and is available for order now.
Colors may vary, but enjoyment is the same!